Elderflower Tea for Pregnancy

Elderflower for Pregnancy

elderflower for pregnancy mama tea

Why is the herb elderflower

so good for pregnancy?

The herb elderflower has diuretic qualities and diuretics increase urine flow. The flowers help the kidney action by relieving fluid retention, getting rid of toxins, and clearing heat from the body by way of the urinary system.Therefore, it is a natural way for pregnant women to clear toxins from the system.

Elderflower is also very effective at relieving fluid retention, so this is a brilliant herb for pregnant women to take who are suffering from fluid retention.

It is also completely caffeine-free and 100% natural, so what’s not to like?

It’s the reason that we included it in Glowing Mama, along with rooibos, dandelion (also great at helping with fluid retention) and echinacea!

elderflower and rooibos herbal tea for pregnancy mama tea

History of Elderflower

The herb elderflower has been used for four thousand years and is reportedly the oldest herb cultivated by man. In the Middle Ages, the elder tree was believed to be inhabited by a spirit known as the “elder mother” whose permission was needed if ever the tree was to be pruned. The lady gave her consent by remaining silent but inevitably felling elders was considered to be bad luck. Such respect was understandable, since the elder was a complete medicine chest. The leaves formed the basis of a “green ointment” for sprains and strains, the inner bark is a strong purgative, the berries – a good source of vitamin c – provided protection against colds and infections, whilst the flowers are strongly anti-catarrhal.

mama tea elderflower tea for pregnancy

English herbalist, Henry Box of Plymouth, England says, “…for colds, influenza, fevers, inflammation of the brain, pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs,) stomach, bowels or any part, this is a certain cure. I have never known it to fail, even when given up to and at the point of death. It will not only save at the eleventh hour, but at the last minute of that hour. It is so harmless that you cannot use it amiss, and so effectual that you cannot give it in vain.”  “Dr. Edward E. Shook, Advanced Treatise in Herbology, 1978.”


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