Reduce your caffeine intake by moving to herbal tea


Caffeine is an incredible addictive substance. For this reason, it is pretty hard to give up your regular Costa or Starbucks.

coffee and herbal tea


But more than two average cups of coffee a day are incredibly difficult for the body to process. It starts to affect the central nervous system, leaving you with the shakes, it upsets your metabolic balance mimicking the way that sugar causes spikes in the body and it is also a toxin for your system. 

mama tea herbal tea


Compare that to herbal tea. For a start, it contains no caffeine as all herbal tea as completely caffeine-free. It also often contains herbs that are actually good for you, like chamomile and liquorice. All of the above complaints about caffeine hidden in your daily coffee fix are just not present in a warm cup of herbal tea.


Reason enough to swop one of your cups of coffee to a lovely cup of Mama Tea herbal tea! DRINK MAMA TEA, we say!

mama tea herbal tea


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