Celebrate Easter with a little well-being……

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Well being tea from Mama Tea

This Easter, put the chocolate eggs to one side and take some time out with a soothing cup of herbal tea. Easter is a time for renewal; take some time for you and make some plans for your well being…..

Creating a Well Being Plan doesn’t need to be a massive project; it is the simple steps that make a difference…..


Meditate with Mama Tea Well Being Teas

Create a space and some time for meditation. Even if this feels difficult at first, persist. Research shows that a little meditation every day is extremely beneficial for mind and body.

Three quick meditations from Natalie MacNeill from the Huffington Post (link here):

Stress Shaker (releases stress from your body)

Start by taking a few deep breaths then bring your awareness to whatever is causing you stress.
As you become aware of what’s bothering you say, “I’m willing to move forward and see this differently.”
Then take a few deep breaths, using the exhalation to sigh and release the tension.
Once you’ve done this, shake it out and move your body, visualizing your stress being shaken away. Do this for as long as you like.

Time Tap (shifts your mindset to a place of abundant time)

Place your hands on your lap. Starting with your pinky fingers, tap one finger of each hand at a time (synchronizing your left and right hands) and move through each finger to your thumbs. Place your hands on your lap. Starting with your pinky fingers, tap one finger of each hand at a time (synchronizing your left and right hands) and move through each finger to your thumbs.

As you tap, recite one word in a five-word mantra for every tap. My favorites include, “I always have enough time,” “I am one with time” and “Time is within my control.” (Or, create one of your own, being sure to focus on you being in control of time instead of the other way around.).

Focus Flame (Reduces tension and eye strain)

Turn off your computer.
Light a candle.
Bring the flame to eye level, holding it about 12-18 inches in front of you.
Set your gaze on the flame and look at it for 1-2 minutes.
Take deep breaths as you do this, releasing any of the tension you may be feeling with each exhalation.


mama tea well being tea

The idea of exercising every day seems over-whelming at first. But like all small changes, start with the baby steps. Quite literally. Start with walking. A quick walk every day will do wonders for your mind and your body. If you want to lose weight and/or get very fit, then increase the walking to a run but do not under-estimate the benefits of getting a little exercise every day.


Easter Well being Tea from mama tea

Hydrate your mind and body with clear water! It is that easy! We also advocate reducing your caffeine levels substantially. Caffeine is a toxic stressor for your central nervous system and as such, upsets balance in the body. Many of our caffeine-free herbal teas contain herbs that flush out toxins, like the powerful antioxidant, rooibos. We also have fantastic herbs for calming the central nervous system, like chamomile and marshmallow leaf. Give your body a break and go herbal! Drink Mama Tea!




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