Why drink “pregnancy herbal tea”?

Pregnancy and Herbal Tea

Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

Why drink a special “pregnancy tea” I hear you say. There are thousands of herbal teas out there, so why a special one for pregnancy?

Well, there are some herbs that are not ideal during pregnancy and some that should only be taken at certain times. However, caffeine is probably more harmful than any of the herbal teas that you could buy in your supermarket, so please do not be alarmed. You would also have to drink a LOT of unsuitable herbal tea for it to have a huge effect. Saying that, there are some things to be aware of.

Spearmint Tea and Pregnancy

cool mama herbal tea | Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

Spearmint tea is better during pregnancy than peppermint tea. Although both are from the same family of herbs, they are quite different in terms of their chemical make-up. Peppermint slightly irritates the uterus lining, whereas spearmint is completely harmless. Spearmint tea like Mama Tea’s Cool Mama tea also help relieve pregnancy heartburn as we have blended it with chamomile and marshmallow leaf, so go for spearmint instead. BUY HERE

Raspberry Leaf and Pregnancy

Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

Raspberry leaf, hibiscus, motherwort and rosehip all stimulate the uterus, which is not recommended before week 38 of pregnancy, so avoid all of these types of teas at the start of pregnancy. Saying that, towards the end of pregnancy, around week 38 onwards, these herbs are actually extremely beneficial for a pregnant woman. All of these herbs will “tone” the uterus and help the body prepare for birth. Increase the amount you are drinking towards week 40 and these herbal teas will actually stimulate the uterus so much that they can help you go into labour naturally and also increase the intensity of your contractions.

ready mama herbal tea | Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

There are lots of raspberry leaf teas on the market but very few combine all four of these powerful uterine stimulants. Mama Tea has solved this with their birth preparation tea, Ready Mama as this tea combines all four of these herbs. Mama Tea has also included some lovely rose petals to make this tea smell and taste lovely with the added benefit that rose petals calm the central nervous system. BUY HERE

Rooibos and Pregnancy

Rooibos or redbush tea is a herb that has been used in South Africa by pregnant women for a long time. It is a powerful antioxidant, more than green tea! And it is completely safe to use in pregnancy, so ditch the caffeinated teas and coffees and try a rooibos tea instead.

Rooibos herbal tea | Well being tea | mama tea

At Mama Tea, we wanted our rooibos tea, Glowing Mama, to have some little pregnancy “extras”, so we also added dandelion and elderflower which both help with fluid retention and also some echinacea, nature’s natural antibiotic, for an all-round pregnancy tea! BUY HERE

Drink Mama Tea during your pregnancy for the right herbs at the right time and your peace of mind.


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