The Gift of Well Being

Give someone the gift of well being this Autumn with our delightful well being tea gift set. BUY HERE!

Well-Being-Tea-Gift by Mama Tea

This gift pack contains Mama Teas Well Being loose leaf tea collection as under-noted:

goji goddess | loose leaf gojiberry fruit tea

Mama Tea Well Being Tea Gift Set

Welcome the beautiful Gojiberry Goddess. See how her brilliant gojiberry jewels glisten in the winter sunshine, as she washes her face in a pool of bright red strawberries. Meditating by her strawberry pool, the sun bounces off her black eyelashes and the blackest of blackberry nails. Her special tea is a teacup of nutrients and super fruits. She is the Queen of the Berries!

Ingredients: apple pieces, gojiberries, blackberries, flavouring and strawberry pieces.

inner balance | loose leaf ginger, cinnamon and liquorice herbal tea

Mama Tea Well Being Gift Set

Try our Ayurvedic balance blend. Meditate using a candle or a guided mediation and sip this delightful sweet tea. We have created a perfect balance of sweet and spicy tastes, sweet liquorice roots swirl together with cinnamon pieces. Ginger roots are intertwined with rose leaves and cardamon. Sip this tea and seek some inner balance.

lotus love | loose leaf lime and peppermint herbal tea

Mama Tea Well Being Tea Gift Set

Shake off the worries of the day with this delicious, invigorating lime herbal tea. A rainbow of flavours lights up your teacup with this brilliant blend; hibiscus, apple slices, elderberries and whole peppermint leaves. Feel this gentle tea relaxing and calming your central nervous system. Our star attraction is our lovely natural lime oil which is a well being staple. Focus your attention on the pink lotus flower and take some deep breaths. Feel the love.

reiki energy | loose leaf mango, lemongrass and rose petal herbal tea blend

Mama Tea Well Being Tea Gift Set

Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing technique, using the flow of natural energy. Pour a cup of our holistic tea, close your eyes and imagine healing energy flowing through you. This blend of tea is very special as we have specially selected all of the herbs and fruits to aid balance and harmony and to provide healing reiki energy. The freshness of mango invigorates the pure lemongrass and leaves you with a taste of tangerine orange. Rose petals calm the central nervous system and our cornflowers and rose buds are matched perfectly with fruity sultanas and apple pieces. Focus inward and feel the energy


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