New Mama Breastfeeding Tea – back in stock!

We are delighted that our amazing New Mama breastfeeding tea is now back on stock – BUY HERE!

new mama herbal tea

Our New Mama breastfeeding tea is 100% natural with lots of herbs to assist with breast-milk production and breast-milk flow.

We have three galactagogues, nettle, fennel and fenugreek which all assist the body naturally to produce breast milk and flow.

New Mama Breastfeeding Tea

We also included lemon balm to calm the nerves and assist with the baby-blues. We finished off this amazing breastfeeding tea with some red clover to aid mastitis.

Here is what some of our customers think of New Mama….

“Bought more of this lovely tea after having received it as a gift for my baby shower. Will definitely buy 5 boxes in bulk next time as I can drink quite a few of these in a day!”

“Tea despatched very quickly. Tea has great flavour and i did notice a bit more breast milk being produced”.

“I was a bit worried that this would taste like a medicine. But I was wrong, it’s easily drinkable, and tastes lovely. As soon as I open the cupboard the scent hits me and it smells great. Everyone in the house has been enjoying cups of this tea. I’ll definitely order more”.

“A lovely flavoursome tea! highly recommended. Brilliant friendly service”.


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