sexy apples and wholesome rhubarb

The bountiful apples of this tea are infused by the beautiful Goddess of New Moon. She gathers her raspberries, blackberries and rose petals during the day and washes them in the bright moonlight in freshwater pools. Dancing around the rhubarb stalks close to the Ibiza beach, she is the fresh-faced lovely sometimes spotted on the beach at midnight, dancing around, the moon streaking her hair with silver light. Her skin glows in the moonlight as she rubs on her mixture of the purest rose petals and hibiscus flowers…



This tea is one of our Detox favourites and is a fantastic bikini tea too, so we had to call it a Skinny tea. APPLES are natures blessing – abundant with wholesome goodies.


The mighty RHUBARB is a powerful aid for detoxification, as it is atringent, antiviral and also contains anthraquinones, which are natural occuring chemicals which are anti-inflammatory, an antioxident and also regenerating.


SULTANAS are a natural detoxifying fruit!

hibiscus flowers

The Goddess popped in some HIBISCUS FLOWERS to this tea for it’s antioxident qualities also because it is particularly good at giving the skin that beautiful glow.

rose petals

RED ROSE PETALS are a wonderful skin purifier and have been used by wise women in both Ibiza and Greece for many years, to naturally improve skin’s appearance and elasticity.



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