Mama Tea Values

Herbal Tea| Tasty Herbal Tea | Pregnancy Herbal Tea | Natural | Caffeine-free

Pregnancy Herbal Tea for Mamas-to-be and New Mamas. Mama makes herbal tea taste good. 100% caffeine-free. 100% natural. 100% tasty. Herbal tea has evolved.

This is the blog of mama tea, a range of tasty herbal teas. Mama Tea was started by Mama, Anna Louise Simpson, who struggled to find tasty herbal teas during her pregnancies. Therefore, she worked with a Master Tea Blender and one of the top Medical Herbalists from the UK and developed a range of tasty herbal teas for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

As we grow as a business, we believe in building a business that has core values at its heart. Our business purpose will always take priority over profit as Mama is about Making a Difference.

Love – Mama Tea value No. 1

We place this value at number 1. Might sound like a bit of a namby-pamby one for a company to have but we feel the love and want all of our customers to feel the love too. Respect is a core part of this value and if you have self respect, then you can radiate that to all those around you. Respecting our customers means serving them, listening to them and being there for them. Feel the Herbal Tea love!

Taste – Mama Tea value No. 2

Mama makes herbal tea taste good. The struggle to find tasty herbal teas was the inspiration behind Mama Tea. Therefore the Mama worked hard to try to make herbal tea taste as good as humanly possible. They are also all 100% natural and caffeine-free. Therefore you know if you have a Mama Tea, there are no artificial nasties in there and certainly no caffeine. This is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding women who want to know that their tasty cup of Mama Tea does not contain any artificial ingredients or anything that could harm them or their baby.

Honesty – Mama Tea value No. 3

We are exactly what we say on the tin (or the teabag)! Mama Tea was founded by a real mama in her dining-room. We are a real start-up. Not a marketing ploy by a large multinational company. We believe in being honest about everything in our business and part of that honesty is by being active online and being upfront about our business and our herbal teas. We worked with one the top Medical Herbalists to find the very best ingredients for our Mama Tea range and we are upfront about doing that.

Empowerment – Mama Tea value No. 4

We believe in empowerment in all its forms.We want to empower our customers, our employees, our investors and our suppliers. Empowerment is such a powerful value. It means having respect for each person and energising them to achieve their potential, whether that is as an employee or as a customer. Feel your inner power and live the fullest life you can.

Authority – Mama Tea value No. 5

We believe in authority. We believe in doing the research behind each and every one of our herbal teas so that our customers have the information that they need to make an empowered buying decision. We have worked with one of the top Medical Herbalists in the UK and also put the necessary warnings on our teas. We put a huge amount of research into which herbs to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and are one of the few herbal tea companies to put warnings on our teas i.e. We put a warning on our raspberry leaf tea that it should only be consumed past week 38 of pregnancy.

Innovation – Mama Tea value No. 6

We believe in innovation. We think that this should be at the heart of the business as we grow and we are always looking for ways to incorporate this into the business. We use social media to chat to and respond to our customers and we are keen to expand online internationally. We are always looking to improve our products and innovate to develop new ones, so if you have a suggestion for us, lets us know. We are the only herbal tea company in the world to use the powerful herb, motherwort, which is an incredibly powerful uterine stimulant and very good as a birth preparation. We researched this herb intensively before use and believe it is differences like this that make us stand out as an innovative company.

Here at Mama Tea, we like herbal tea and we like tech, so join us on the journey! Scan our QR code to visit us on


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