Mama Tea’s Herbal Blends For Moms-To-Be – Calgary tea |

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Mama Tea’s Herbal Blends For Moms-To-Be – Calgary tea |

Mama Tea is a company owned by Anna Louise Simpson and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company sells a range of caffeine-free herbal teas designed for pregnant and nursing moms who love tea and want to continue to indulge safely. Each of the blends also come with some great benefits too. For instance, Cool Mama is great for heartburn during pregnancy, and the chamomile in this blend is also a natural relaxant. With delicious-sounding blends like ginger and chamomile and rooibos and elderflower, anyone who loves herbal tea should take notice of this up and coming tea company. These five blends are yummy, healthy and soothing teas for moms-to-be and those who just want an alternative to caffeinated beverages.

Ready Mama – A raspberry leaf and rose petal blend

With a stunning deep pink infusion and an aroma of fresh raspberry and a strong floral note, this blend is easily lovable.  It has a pleasant tanginess and is naturally slightly sweet. There is almost a bit of a green tea aspect in the background, which is very pleasant and gives this tea structure. It has great body compared to many herbal teas and a nice, long finish.

Morning Mama – A ginger and chamomile blend

Morning Mama boasts a light yellow infusion and smells sweet, floral and spicy. With lemon balm and citrus peel, the aroma and flavor is balanced and lovely. The ginger is the star with a spicy kick that is a definite pick-me-up, as well as it is warming and satisfying. For a little indulgence, this concoction would be amazing paired with some gingersnap cookies.

Cool Mama – A spearmint and chamomile blend

Mint tea is generally quite straightforward. This one has a little twist. Present in this blend are some interesting flavor profiles not commonly found mint teas. The floral component of the chamomile is very balanced and fits perfectly. It tames the cool spearmint without mellowing it too much. It is slightly sweet as well and goes down easily with a great finish.

New Mama – A fennel and lemon balm blend

This blend has a deep yellow, almost turmeric colored infusion. The aroma is complex, from sweet black licorice and kind of a light curry scent (sounds a little strange, but it’s the fenugreek). It tastes rich, creamy and full bodied, and is a very interesting, complex herbal tea.

Glowing Mama – A rooibos and elderflower blend

Rooibos is rich and satisfying, and blends effortlessly with countless flavorings. This blend brews a light amber cup and smells heavenly. It has the sweet, earthy, woody flavor of South African rooibos and a pretty floral component due to the elderflower. For mamas (and others) who miss their black tea, brew this blend strong and add a little milk and sugar. Mmm…

Mama Tea should win plenty new fans. These are not your run-of-the-mill herbal blends. They were created with the assistance of a master tea blender, who perfectly harmonized the flavors of each of the herbs, spices and other ingredients to make these herbal teas a healthy indulgence for moms who don’t want to sacrifice great taste.


Heartburn in pregnancy

I suffered dreadfully with heartburn in late pregnancy, as do 75% of all pregnant women. Heartburn is very common in the third trimester of pregnancy but what causes it and what can you do to lessen the effects of it?

I think that this article has a brilliant summary of the medical reasons why pregnant women suffer heartburn. So it really is an old wives tale that it is cause by the baby’s hair growing!

Increased hormones that soften the ligaments surrounding the stomach, organs being pushed into your stomach as the baby grows, as well as just the effect of having to make room for your growing baby, all contribute to pushing stomach acid back up into your throat.

Avoiding foods and drinks that increase acidity is a good starting point – things like citrus foods, tomatoes, spicy foods, coffee, chocolate (oh no, really?). I have attached this helpful chart listing foods that are bad triggers.

Peppermint is a herb generally to be avoided in pregnancy but especially so when trying to get rid of heartburn. Strangely enough, spearmint is not only 100% safe to drink in pregnancy, as it is from a different mint family, but it is very good for relieving heartburn. This is why I made it the basis of my Cool Mama Pregnancy Heartburn Herbal Tea.

It contains spearmint leaf, marshmallow leaf and chamomile, all good for heartburn and safe for any time during pregnancy.

I even made it taste good too!

All the best to those of you battling with the dreaded pregnancy heartburn. Thinking of you.
The Mama