Lemon Balm

lemon balm

Lemon Balm – Melissa Officinalis

 Often used as a flavouring in ice creams we think it tastes great in herbal tea!


Lemon Balm was regarded by the German herbalist, Paracelsus as an “elixir of youth”. As late as the 18th century, lemon balm was still being recommended in “canary wine” to “renew youth”.

The botanical name Melissa being derived from the Greek for honey bee, and according to bee folklore if the beehive is rubbed with Balm the bees will not swarm and the fragrance will attract new bees. Apparently Balm was also a sacred herb used in the temple of Diana.

It is a nerve tonic and relaxant with antispasmodic and carminative actions, and makes an excellent remedy for mild depression, panic attacks, palpitations, irritability, restlessness and anxiety – especially if the anxiety is causing indigestion.


  1. Anti-depressant
  2. Post-natal depression
  3. Digestive
  4. Tension headaches
  5. Colds
  6. Flu
  7. Lowers blood pressure
  8. Insomnia
  9. Indigestion
  10. Stomach ache
  11. Fevers
  12. Eczema

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