Raspberry Leaf

raspberry leaf

Raspberry leaf –  Rubus Idaeus

Well known as the tea pregnant women drink in late pregnancy, but did you know it could also be good for period cramps, among other things?


In 37 AD, the beneficial properties of raspberry leaves were first recorded by the Roman historian, Pliny.

In 1941, British scientists discovered that raspberry leaves contain a compound (called oligomeric procyanidin, or OPC) that relaxes the uterus. Since then,raspberry leaf tea has been used to treat cramps and the uterine irritability of pregnancy. In one study, half the women who took OPC ( 200 mg/day) for two months experienced noticeable relief from period pain.

The herb is widely recommended by midwives, with studies among both American and Australian midwives, suggesting that it may shorten and ease labour.


  1. Stimulates the uterus to help cause contractions/birth preparation
  2. Uplifting
  3. Natural antibiotic
  4. Prevention and treatment of colds
  5. Period cramps
  6. Digestive

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