Reduce your caffeine intake by moving to herbal tea


Caffeine is an incredible addictive substance. For this reason, it is pretty hard to give up your regular Costa or Starbucks.

coffee and herbal tea


But more than two average cups of coffee a day are incredibly difficult for the body to process. It starts to affect the central nervous system, leaving you with the shakes, it upsets your metabolic balance mimicking the way that sugar causes spikes in the body and it is also a toxin for your system. 

mama tea herbal tea


Compare that to herbal tea. For a start, it contains no caffeine as all herbal tea as completely caffeine-free. It also often contains herbs that are actually good for you, like chamomile and liquorice. All of the above complaints about caffeine hidden in your daily coffee fix are just not present in a warm cup of herbal tea.


Reason enough to swop one of your cups of coffee to a lovely cup of Mama Tea herbal tea! DRINK MAMA TEA, we say!

mama tea herbal tea

Suffer morning sickness no more

The truth about Morning Sickness

The first symptom was the overwhelming nausea…….the kind of sick feeling that lingered despite her feeble attempts to alleviate it. Welcome to pregnancy! She tried the ginger nut biscuits that her hubby loved but watching him cheerily dunk them in his cup of coffee just made her want to retch again. She also tried eating tiny amounts…..just made it worse. She tried eating 8 times a day……..just made the nausea worse. She tried NOT eating…….that really made it worse!

“Er….how long does this “morning” sickness phase last”, she asked her best mate, Paula. “Oh, poor thing, mine lasted ’till week 24”. You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

Is there anything out there?

Right, that’s it. THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP!!!! Enter Google. Enter a world of misinformation and quack cures. How on earth can you decide what is ok to drink and eat and what isn’t? Guess what, folks? Yeah, that’s right, if you want something done right, just go and do it yourself! She determined to come up with a solution to ease her morning sickness that was safe to drink in pregnancy. Oh, and it would be really great if it tasted good too…….

Mama Tea

This is where Mama Tea comes in. We have been there. The story above is the story of the Mama that founded Mama Tea. Her determination to find the best herbs to ease some of the worst symptoms of pregnancy, including morning sickness, whilst making a really good cup of tea led to the creation of Mama Tea.

Morning Mama

The Mama created Morning Mama as a tea to ease the symptoms of morning sickness and nausea. She included ginger root, chamomile flowers, lemon balm, lemon peel and orange peel. She also worked with a medical herbalist and master tea blender to make her tea safe and also taste good.

morning mama ginger morning sickness herbal tea

If you are suffering from the ill effects of morning sickness, then give Morning Mama a try. You can click this link to buy some here!

The Mama

New Review of Mama Tea Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Herbal Tea

New Review

Great new review by brilliant blogger, Bright and Illustrious – big thanks!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mama Tea


Mama Tea.  Don’t you love the name?  Such fun and the innovative Anna Simpson, a mumpreneur started this brilliant business when she found there was not a lot of choice or information out there for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas when it came to herbal teas.  She started her venture from her living room whilst looking after her two kids. What an inspiration, something I only dream of doing.

I stumbled across this tea when I received my bounty pack when I found out I was pregnant.  I love herbal tea and immediately brewed a cup.  I was pleasantly surprised – delicious flavours, easy to drink and of course healthy for you and your bump/baby.  

All Mama teas are 100% natural and caffeine free – her newly designed website is easy to use and informative too.  Why not go have a look and if you fancy, try her taster pack which contains the following Mama Tea blends:

Morning Mama – Ginger and Chamomile Herbal Tea
Glowing Mama – Rooibos and Elderflower Herbal Tea
Cool Mama – Spearmint and Chamomile Herbal Tea
Ready Mama – Raspberry Leaf and Rose Petal Herbal Tea
New Mama – Fennel and Liquorice Herbal Tea

I love supporting local and independent businesses and I think Anna is an inspiration to all us Moms out there.

Happy tea-drinking ♥ 

Tea and breastfeeding – why our tea is not only safe to drink but is the best!


When Anna Louise started Mama Tea , she was breastfeeding her second child. When she first started breastfeeding, she really struggled. Getting the baby to latch on and feed properly was tough. When the baby wasn’t feeding properly, it would cry a lot and in turn, this put huge amounts of pressure on this new mum. When you are at that vital stage, it is important to realise you are not alone. Lots of women struggle initially with breastfeeding. It is good to have a network of friends and support around you.

breastfeeding tea - breastfeeding-mum's-best-friend

New Mama Breastfeeding Tea is any “Breastfeeding Mum’s Best Friend”

That is why we are delighted to receive a review this week from a breastfeeding customer who said:

“Amazing to help my supply. Breastfeeding mum’s best friend”. Alison W.

We have included three galactagogues that help to produce breast milk and get it flowing. These herbs are nettle leaf, fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds.  We consulted with one of the top Medical Herbalists in the UK, in order to create the best breastfeeding tea ever!

breastfeeding tea - lemon balm - mama tea

Baby Blues

We also included the herb red clover to help with the common “baby blues”. This herb also eases anxiety and stress and is calming on the central nervous system.

breastfeeding tea - mastitis -  red clover - mama tea

Mastitis no more….

The wonderful herb, red clover eases the pain of mastitis. Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast and is quite common when breastfeeding.

breastfeeding tea - mama tea

Tasty Cup of Tea

We created New Mama with taste in mind; we worked with a Master Tea Blender to ensure that our teas taste as good as possible. We hope you enjoy it too!

Our Breastfeeding Tea is any breastfeeding mum’s best friend!

Big thanks to our lovely customer who posted this fantastic review of New Mama breastfeeding herbal tea on our website… yours here!

Breastfeeding Herbal Tea - New Mama


I’ve waited ages for it to come back in stock and it was worth it. Amazing to help my supply. Breastfeeding mums best friend”. Alison W.
Thank you Alison for the review.