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Mama Tea Review!

mama tea review - natural herbal tea
The following excerpt is a review emailed to Mama Tea today:
“This is not so much a review of the teas; I will leave that to my pregnant daughter…..(although I have tried one of them already which put onto the search for more!), it’s more about my experience of the service I received recently.
I just happened to be the first person to place an order on the new website and there were a few ‘teething’ problems that prevented me from completing my order. I sent an email quoting my problem and received the promised “reply within 1 hour” from Anna Louise personally. She fixed the problem almost immediately. After several email exchanges I became aware that I was feeling very welcomed and valued as a customer by her prompt personal attention and warm generosity. Thank you Anna Louise. I have shared my experience and the deliciousness of the teas with my daughter and friends, one of whom is a midwife, she said she would pass on the same to her new mums. 
So, if you are thinking of placing an order for some lovely Mama Tea, don’t hesitate! Go, Mama, Go!!”
Lynda, online customer

Ginger cure for morning sickness – Morning Mama Natural Herbal Tea

Morning Sickness

If you are one of the unlucky ones like Anna (founder of Mama Tea), you thought that your daily “morning” sickness would subside after week 12 and you would be wrong. Anna suffered with morning sickness until week 24 with her first pregnancy and week 20 with her second baby. She recalls how it felt:

“I would wake up and feel sick, so I would have a teeny tiny slice of toast and it would subside for all of…..2 minutes. I then tried NOT eating and it became much worse. I tried eating more and the same. It was delicate balancing act with food to ensure you were eating the right foods and just the right balance of food. Awful! I remember my husband buying ginger nut biscuits but the smell was too overpowering, so the only person that ate ginger nut biscuits to help with morning sickness in our household was my husband!”

When Anna decided to create a natural range of teas to help with pregnancy and breastfeeding, she was very careful to blend the ginger morning sickness tea so that it was not too overpowering and was a subtle taste and smell.

Morning Mama Ginger and Chamomile Herbal Tea

morning mama ginger morning sickness herbal tea

Morning Mama ginger tea is a delicious ginger tea blend that is completely natural and caffeine-free. Morning Mama has some lovely goodies blended in, all to help combat morning sickness.

Morning Mama mama tea Natural Herbal Tea in disAnna blended in whole chamomile heads, lemon peel and orange peel. She also added a touch of lemon balm. The reason for including all of these extra herbs is that ALL of them help with nausea and sickness, so Morning Mama is a powerful morning sickness remedy!

Morning Mama Review

We received this testimonial only last week – have a read – Morning Mama helped this customer to keep working at the early stages of her pregnancy….

“I started using Morning Mama Tea when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was sceptical about the tea helping,but the nausea and sickness was unbearable. I can honestly say that the tea has helped me cope with the nausea and helped me to manage working whilst not feeling my best. This is my third pregnancy and the nausea has stayed with me until I was 23 weeks. I found brewing the tea in a thermos cup great as I could sip the tea throughout the day and the tea stayed hot”.

Melanie, 27 weeks pregnant and mother of two beautiful girls.

If you are suffering with morning sickness, give Morning Mama a go and please let us know if it has helped you too!

All the best


Mama Tea



Mama Tea and Aptaclub

A very happy Twitterer with her Aptaclub pack and her silky blue bag full of Mama Tea! It contains Cool Mama spearmint natural herbal tea, Morning Mama ginger natural herbal tea and Glowing Mama natural herbal tea!

Enjoy the cuppa of Mama Tea!

Breastfeeding Tea – The Story of New Mama Breastfeeding Herbal Tea

The Story of New Mama – Breastfeeding Tea

Breastfeeding Herbal Tea - New Mama

The Mama of Mama Tea, Anna Simpson, started Mama Tea whilst she was breastfeeding her second baby. Breastfeeding is one of the subjects that we feel is completely up to each individual woman to decide but there is no doubt that it is beneficial for both mama and baby.

Anna developed the delicious New Mama breastfeeding natural herbal tea to help women with their breast milk supply. So, what is the story of New Mama Breastfeeding herbal tea

The Start of the Story- Ingredients

Anna made sure there were some fantastic herbs in New Mama to help women to breastfeed their babies. She blended three “galatagogues” into the tea.

We have Nettle, Fennel and Fenugreek, all of which prompt the body to create breast milk and increase supply of breast milk.

Nettle Tea - Breastfeeding Tea - New Mama

Nettle Leaf – Urtica Dioca

Familiar to most of us as something that stings us when we’re out in the countryside, nettle leaves are also have lots of uses in herbal medicine. Nettle leaf is a powerful “galactagogue” that helps to produce breast milk and breast milk production,

History of Nettle

Stinging nettles were once used in a rather bizarre treatment known as urtication which involved beating paralysed limbs with stinging nettles in an attempt to stimulate sensations. The same remedy was also recommended for rheumatic pains while the Romans reputedly planted the small annual continental nettle (U. pilulifera) along British roads because they believed the country was so cold they would need to beat their bodies with nettles to keep warm. Nettles sting because the hairs on their stems and leaves contain histamine which is a potent skin irritant.

Fennel Tea - Breastfeeding Tea - New Mama

Fennel Seeds – Foeniculum Officinalis

Fennel symbolises longevity, courage and strength, the seeds are a rich source of minerals and nutrients. This herb is also a fantastic “galactagogue” that helps to create breast milk production and encourage breast milk production.


The Greeks called fennel “Marathron” which is derived from the herb meaning “to grow thin” and it seems to have been used as an early slimming aid. The Roman physician Galen classified it as hot and dry.

Fenugreek Tea - Breastfeeding Tea - New Mama

Fenugreek Seeds – Trigonella Foenum-Graecum

Fenugreek is familiar from Indian and Middle Eastern cookery and the herb gives a spicy flavour to curries, pickles and garnishes.


The herb rather than seeds, known as hilba, is used in tea in modern Egypt as a remedy for spasmodic abdominal pain – due to both digestive upsets and menstruation. In Ayurveda the plant (known as methi) is regarded as a good remedy in convalescence and debility helping to stimulate liver function and ease indigestion. The Chinese also regard fenugreek (Hu Lu Ba) as a kidney remedy – to warm the kidneys, dispel cold and relieve pain.

Anna was also conscious that many women suffer from mastitis during breastfeeding so she also blended red clover into the New Mama tea as this is proven to be an effective remedy for mastitis.

Anna also wanted to help women suffering with the baby blues so she also blended lemon balm in the New Mama tea to help mamas.

The Middle of the Story – Reviews

Reviews of New Mama breastfeeding herbal tea

The story of our breastfeeding tea would not be complete without looking at what some of our customers have said about New Mama tea. A customer once said to Anna – “This New Mama breastfeeding tea is feeding my baby” – it is comments like that, that make the Mama tearful and make Mama Tea the brand it is.

I was a bit dubious about this one as I’m not a fennel fan, but once I tasted it, wow … there is a real liquorice flavour that is delightful and leaves your mouth feeling alive and refreshed.

When I was breastfeeding my daughter I got to the point where I felt I wanted to naturally increase my milk supply and took Fenugreek supplements (which I felt really helped with my supply), this tea has the added advantage that it contains fennel, fenugreek and nettle, which are all galactagogues – herbs which help to promote milk production and flow.

I’m a little bit addicted to this herbal tea as I’m a big liquorice fan and will also be giving fennel another go!

New Mama:A lovely fennel, liquorice and lemon balm blend. A delicious breastfeeding tea that helps increase the milk supply.

Tried new mama for the 1st time at the secc! It was so good I had to buy some!! Will definitely be popping along to my nearest Tesco to get some more!!! A lovely aftertaste unlike most others!! As a breastfeeding mum it’s great to know this is beneficial for me & baby!!

I bought the New Mama tea and was a little scared when I opened the box because the smell was so strong! I shouldn’t have been as it was DELICIOUS!! I would recommend this product to anyone and have bought some for friends baby shower gifts too. Great customer services too by the way. Xxxx 

We have many more and will share them all on our website….if New Mama breastfeeding tea has meant something to you, please let us know

The End of the Story – Everyone LOVES New Mama

Breastfeeding Herbal Tea - New Mama Herbal Tea

The end of the story doesn’t have to end with the end of breastfeeding your baby! Hopefully, you will have had New Mama breastfeeding on your breastfeeding journey with you. When the time comes to wean your buba off your breast milk, you don’t need to give up New Mama tea. After all, it is a known fact that most papas love New Mama tea too (shush – don’t tell anyone!) Everyone ends up  loving New Mama!



We are launching the DRINK MAMA TEA CHALLENGE over on our new DRINK MAMA TEA blog! Over the next few months, we will be exploring the effects of caffeine on the body for anyone, not just pregnant or nursing women. We hope you will take a look at some of our Drink Mama Tea articles!

Drink Mama Tea

If you want to take the Drink Mama Tea challenge, then why not buy one of our bumper packs of Mama Tea? Buy HERE!

Drink Mama Tea

Our Bumper Pack will give you 80 teabags, so there is more than enough Mama Tea to replace one of your caffeinated drinks – your fav coffee or another cup of caffeinated tea with a caffeine-free, delicious Mama Tea!


Drink Mama Tea

A little caffeine every day is probably quite good for you (unless you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman). However, more than a few cups is detrimental to our health in lots of ways. Over the next few weeks we are going to examine this high-street drug in more detail to really look at it’s effect on the body. 

However, as we all know, it is one thing knowing that something is not good for you in large doses and trying to cut that down, particularly something as addictive as caffeine. To do so, it is worthwhile to take baby steps, which is why we have come up with the Drink Mama Tea challenge. 

Break the Caffeine Habit

We have all heard that it takes 28 days to break a habit. Well, the bad news is that research shows that it actually takes a little longer – more like 66 days actually. However, the good news is that our bumper packs have 80 teabags in them, so that’s enough to help you break the caffeine habit and have some to share with friends!

Drink Mama Tea

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

We love Ready Mama…….

mama tea pregnancy tea

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea by Mama Tea

Here at Mama Tea, we have lovingly crafted the perfect red raspberry leaf herbal tea (in our humble opinion!) – READY MAMA! We have blended red raspberry leaves with stunning hibiscus, delicate rose petals and rose hip to create a delicious fragrant raspberry leaf tea. Perfect for the last stages of pregnancy and the hospital bag!

red raspberry leaf tea - ready mama herbal tea

red raspberry leaf tea ready mama mama tea

red raspberry leaf tea ready mama mama tea

red raspberry leaf tea ready mama mama tea herbal tea

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Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus mama tea

Here at Mama Tea, we take our herbs very seriously. We love the herb Hibiscus, which is a showy flowering plant, that is eaten dried as a delicacy in Mexico and has a long tradition in herbal infusions.

Hibiscus in Mama Tea

We have blended hibiscus into our Ready Mama tea, which is our fruity raspberry leaf and hibiscus birth preparation herbal tea. We included it in our birth preparation tea because it can help with uterine contractions, however it is also a great herb for period pain for the same reason.

hibiscus mama tea


Hibiscus comes from the Greek word for marshmallow and is also known as rose mallow.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, an old species that was grown as an ornamental flower in China, is believed to have been cultivated there for thousands of years. Although it appears to have been in cultivation throughout much of the Asian continent, early reports of hibiscus rosa-sinensis flowering around temples in China imply a Chinese origin, hence the name “sinensis”.

hibiscus mama tea


  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Antioxidant
  • Infections
  • Flu
  • Colds
  • Stomach cramps (anti-spasmodic)
  • Menstrual cramps (anti-spasmodic)
  • Weight loss (There is an enzyme known as “amylase” in hibiscus, that breaks down starches and other complex sugars in the body)
  • Boost immune system
  • Constipation

From “Bump to Buba” – Drink Mama Tea Collection

“Bump to Buba” is a full collection of our delicious Mama Tea Pregnancy and Breastfeeding herbal teas to take you from the start of pregnancy through to breastfeeding your new baby! Buy our collection here!


Morning Sickness Herbal Tea

Morning Mama

Ginger herbal tea for weeks 1-40. Ideal for morning sickness.


Rooibos Pregnancy Herbal Tea

Glowing Mama

Rooibos herbal tea for weeks 1-40. Ideal pregnancy antioxidant tea

rooibos herbal tea mama tea

Spearmint Pregnancy Heartburn Herbal Tea

Cool Mama

Spearmint herbal tea for weeks 1-40. Perfect for pregnancy heartburn

CoolMama 2

Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea

Ready Mama

Raspberry leaf herbal tea for weeks 38 onwards

Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea Ready Mama

Breastfeeding Herbal Tea

New Mama

Breastfeeding herbal tea for breastfeeding mamas

Breastfeeding Herbal Tea New Mama Herbal Tea Mama Tea

Happy New Year from Mama Tea!

Happy New Year to all of our amazing customers! To celebrate,we are launching a new responsive website – This means that you can buy your favourite Mama Tea on your desktop, iPad or mobile! Mama Tea Pregnancy and Breastfeeding herbal tea You can also buy New Mama breastfeeding tea on our new website. Hurrah! new mama breastfeeding herbal tea You can also buy our new “bump”er packs of 5 boxes of any favourite Mama Tea or a mixed pack! Get our “Bump to Buba” packs on our new website. Have a fantastic 2014! The Mama x