Goji Goddess – new super fruit goji berry tea from Mama Tea!

We have just launched the latest in our beauty well being teas – GOJI GODDESS. A delightful blend of apple pieces, goji berries, blackberries and strawberry pieces, this tea is packed full of super fruits and nutrients.

GOJI GODDESS - gojiberry fruit tea from Mama Tea Well Being Herbal Teas

Why is this tea so nutritious? The Goji Goddess will reveal all….


Goji berries have been used since ancient times as a method of increasing feelings of wellbeing.
One study from 2008 found that a daily drink of 120ml of goji berry juice for 14 days improved feelings of wellbeing, brain activity and digestion. The super fruit of choice amongst the A-listers, our goddess loves her red goji berries!

GOJI GODDESS - gojiberry fruit tea from Mama Tea Well Being Herbal Teas


Another super-duper super fruit is the humble blackberry. Rated as one of the top 10 for it’s strong antioxidant powers, they are specifically rich in polyphenols, the same family of antioxidants found in green tea, which may help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancers, and osteoporosis. Reason for every goddess to fill her cup with these little black jewels.

Goji Goddess - goji berry fruit tea


Scientists at the University of Warwick have been studying the beneficial effects of strawberries on our cardiovascular health, particularly around how they prevent the development of heart disease and diabetes.

Professor Paul Thornalley from Warwick Medical School heads the team that discovered extracts from strawberries positively activate a protein in our bodies called ‘Nrf2’ which is shown to increase antioxidant and other protective activities. This protein works to decrease blood lipids and cholesterol, the very things which can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Professor Thornalley explained: “We’ve discovered the science behind how strawberries work to increase our in-built defences to keep cells, organs and blood vessels healthy and which can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

WOW. Simply WOW!!

So, this beautiful goddess is off to make herself a cuppa and to get healthy at the same time!


5 beauty reasons to drink Ginger Tea


ginger and lemon well being herbal tea | mama tea

Did you know that one of your most powerful beauty and well being products is sitting in your tea cupboard? Put your expensive beauty products to one side, pour a cup of steaming hot ginger tea and read our top ten reasons why ginger tea is a powerful beauty aide:


Ginger is an excellent at helping your body to absorb essential nutrients and minerals. As we all know, nutrients and minerals are essential to help maintain beautiful skin, hair and nails.

ginger and lemon well being tea | morning mama | mama tea


Ginger contains over forty antioxidant compounds that help to protect against ageing; reason enough to brew up! Ginger removes toxins and stimulates circulation, which allows more nutrients to reach the skin. Antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, which helps to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. It improves elasticity making your skin more firm and youthful. In this way, it slows down the signs of ageing.

ginger and lemon well being tea | morning mama | mama tea


Ginger helps to keep the skin clean, smooth and free of blemishes as it is a powerful antiseptic herb.  It is the best natural acne fighting weapon as it minimizes the rate of acne formation and eruption by killing and clearing the acne causing bacteria. It will nourish your skin also.

ginger and lemon well being herbal tea | morning mama | mama tea



Ginger increases scalp circulation resulting in the flow of blood to your scalp. This stimulates the hair follicles and encourages growth and shine. The fatty acids present in ginger are very beneficial for thin hair.

ginger and lemon well being tea | morning mama | mama tea



Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac, antioxidant and toning properties which contribute to radiant skin. You can prepare a simple mask by mixing 2 grated gingers with 2 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon lemon juice and refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes. Apply on your face and rinse with cool water after 30 mins. This will help to soften your skin as well as prevent ageing.

ginger and lemon well being herbal tea | morning mama | mama tea


Tea and Beauty Tips

tea cup

We love a really good cup of tea but here a few ideas of how to use tea in your beauty regime.

1. Brighten your eyes – leave used teabags in the fridge overnight and in the morning relax for 20 minutes with the teabags on your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

2. Lip toner – apply a warm teabag to clean lips for 5 minutes and the astringency of the tea will make your lips appear smooth. Don’t rinse afterwards.

3. Shiny hair – brunettes can add shine to their hair by rinsing with strong cold black tea after shampooing, blondes can do the same with chamomile tea.

4. Tired feet – soak your feet in cold tea at the end of a long day, the tannins of tea help to fight odour causing bacteria.

5. Sunburn – steep five or six teabags in a bath of warm water and then soak to calm and cool your sunburn.

6. Treat acne – soak a black teabag in hot water for a few minutes (make yourself a cup of tea!), remove from the water and allow to cool a little, then place over the offending acne for up to 10 minutes. Avoid washing your face and the astringency of the tea will keep working on the spot all day.

7. Soothe insect bites – to soothe and reduce itchiness, hold a cold used teabag on the affected area for several minutes.

mama tea teabag

Case Study: Waterloo Body Station

Rivers Remedies

We’re biased as Waterloo Body Station is a new stockist of Mama Tea but this is a delightful oasis of calm and tranquility in the heart of London. Two minutes from Waterloo Station and an easy walk from the Tate Modern and the London Eye this shop and therapy rooms offers the ideal chance for some relaxation in calming surroundings. It is such a relaxing place that it has been featured in Quiet London, a guide to quiet, interesting, attractive and atmospheric places in London.

waterloo body station

The Therapy and Beauty Rooms

” therapy rooms for massage, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology and more, plus a Beauty Room for Natural beauty therapies including facials, manicures, threading and sugar waxing and a wheelchair accessible multi-practice room for Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Therapy, Hypnotherapy and more”

All health and beauty treatments on offer are carried out by professional practitioners using natural products, the extensive list ranges from acupuncture through to threading with lots of interesting therapies and treatments in between, there is even a range of natural health pregnancy, fertility and maternity treatments.

rivers remedies

The Shop

The shop complements the therapy and beauty treatments selling a wide range of natural products. The ethos of the shop is to stock natural and organic products made in the UK for beauty, health and well-being. Products are free from petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances, SLS, parabens and animal testing. It is also possible to buy their products online at www.riversremedies.co.uk.

Described by one reviewer (see here) as

“a slice of natural health and beauty heaven”

this shop and therapy rooms are a haven of natural goodness in the hustle and bustle of London and we are delighted that they are now stocking Mama Tea.

Website: www.waterloobodystation.co.uk

Follow them on Facebook and read their blog.