Mama Tea Year in Photos

Mama Tea’s Year

2012 has been the year Mama Tea got into visual story telling, or in other words we had some fun with iPhone photography and used it give you a peek behind the scenes of Mama Tea HQ and some of our exploits. Some pictures we took for a practical reason, some we tried to make arty and some were just for fun. Here’s some of our favourite pictures of Mama Tea’s year.

Mama Tea Valentine's Day

Mama Tea on Instagram

Our first ever Instagram photo, this was taken for a friday giveaway we were running on Facebook on Valentine’s Day.

Mama Tea's Birthday Cake

Mama Tea’s Birthday

This is one of our enduring favourite photos of the year, our birthday cake for Mama Tea’s third birthday in April.

Mama Tea Jubilee Flag

Mama Tea and the Jubilee

Another enduring favourite is this picture we created for the Jubilee in June. This was one of our attempts at being artistic and this picture was the subject of a blog about using photography apps on the iPhone.

mama tea

New Packaging for Mama Tea

A highlight of the year was our shiny fresh new packaging for Mama Tea. We’ve taken lots of photos of our new packaging this year including…

Mama Tea morning mama

… an arty attempt at a picture of morning mama.

The Mama 10 Downing Street

Mama Tea lunches with the Prime Minister

This was also the year that the mama had lunch at Number 10 with the Prime Minister…

The Mama and George Osbourne… and met George Osbourne.

Edinburgh's Dean Village

Mama Tea H.Q.

We also enjoyed taking photographs of Edinburgh (the home of MT HQ) this year. This picture is taken from the Dean Bridge looking over Dean Village. We’re so lucky in Edinburgh that the city is beautiful and the light changes all the time giving us lots of photo opportunities.


Mama Tea selling Tea to China

The mama also took some amazing photos of Tokyo and Shanghai (Shanghai above) when she visited on a trade mission in November. The trade mission was a great success and it’s a case of watch this space to find out what business opportunities develop as a result of the trip.

Christmas Lights William Street

Merry Christmas from all at Mama Tea

The year has nearly ended and these are the Christmas lights that twinkle at us each evening as we leave MT HQ. We’re having our Christmas lunch tomorrow and we’d like to wish all our customers and supporters a Merry Christmas.

It’s been an amazing year for Mama Tea and we’re looking forward to taking more photographs next year, follow all our attempts at photography on instagram (username: mama_tea).


Mama Tea’s Week- as seen through #photoadayjune

It’s been quite a first week in June here in the UK, we’ve had more of the Olympic torch relay (mainly Northern Ireland this week) and of course we’ve had the extravaganza and holiday weekend that was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Here at Mama Tea HQ we’ve taken on Instagram’s #photoadayjune challenge, so here is our week in pictures, with a couple extra thrown in for good measure.

1st June 2012

mama tea week

mama tea week

the view from the office window, bunting on the building across the street

mama tea week

#photoadayjune1 the theme was morning, so it wasa jubilee version of morning mama teabags

2nd June

mama tea week

#photoadayjune2 theme was empty, so empty eggshells from breakfast!

3rd June

mama tea week

a weekend of baking and cake eating begins…

mama tea week

#photoadayjune3 theme was on my plate, that was easy as these cakes were destined to be on our plates!

4th June

mama tea week

jubilee cupcakes are ready for the party!

mama tea week

#photoadayjune4 theme was close-up, thought we should get away from food and move onto our next favourite thing- flowers!

5th June

mama tea week

#photoadayjune5 the theme today was sign, another cake is maybe a sign we’re too obsessed with food!

6th June

mama tea week

sampling some of the experimental baking during afternoon tea-time! Recipes to follow soon…

mama tea week

#photoadayjune6, the theme today was hat, this picture has us dreaming of summer holidays and sunny beaches….

7th June

mama tea week

the mama is making solar trees for a presentation she’s doing to the school

mama tea week

#photoadayjune7, the theme here was drink and after all our cake eating of the week thought we should have a cup of new mama, aka the bikini tea!

How Mama Tea Created that Picture!

mama tea jubilee

If you follow Mama Tea on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed our current obsession with photography, in particular iPhone photography, Intsagram, Pinterest and other apps for our iPhones. We think visuals can be so much fun and stimulating and they really bring out our creative side in the office. Here’s a quick “how to” guide to create our Morning Mama Jubilee picture.

Step 1

A photograph of morning mama envelopes taken with the built in camera on the iPhone.

morning mama

Step 2

Using the camera+ app on the iPhone the colours were altered and two new pictures were created.

morning mama

morning mama

Step 3

Using a new found app called Fuzel, we created a collage.mama tea jubilee

Then, still on Fuzel, filled in each of the segments with either red or blue morning mama.

Step 4

The end result was then shared across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

mama tea jubilee

It’s lots of fun and all done on the iPhone, have a go!

Other posts mama tea has written on iPhone photography;

iPhone Only (photography 1)

Visual Storytelling – the apps we use

#mamateamap – Our Journey So Far…..

We’re going to let you in on a secret, we’ve split up! Some of us are in London, some of us are in Edinburgh and some of us are heading to Glasgow. We had a strategy meeting and realised that splitting into groups would allow us to spread our reach further and quicker.

Our journey so far has seen us exploring Edinburgh…

1. The Usher Hall

escaping at the usher hall, edinburgh 2escaping at the usher hall, edinburgh

2. Teuchters on William Street

teuchters, william street, edinburgh....#mamateamaps

3. The sun of Inverleith Park

Enjoying the sun near Inverleith Park, Edinburgh.....#mamateama

Them we headed across to Fife in the rain….

4. Kirkcaldy

Kirkcaldy in the rain!

5. Cupar

Cupar, fife the mamateabags are travelling....#mamateamap

We want to be drunk so if you find us, drink us and enjoy us. We won’t be in any one place for long and we’re trying to spread mama tea as far as possible, by the time you read this we could be on our way to your town!

Follow our journey on Twitter and Instagram using #mamateamap and on Foursquare (mamateamap) follow our list of “places mamatea has been spotted“, see if you can guess where we might go next and if you find us you know what to do, just don’t forget to tell our fellow teabags we’ve found a good home!

Mama Tea Map – the Launch!

Hey! We are the teabags of Mama Tea. In the run up to Mama Tea’s birthday on Tuesday, we have come up with a cunning plan to break out of our packaging and get out on to the streets to meet you, the customers!

We are armed with an iPhone and have downloaded

the Foursquare app, 

the Twitter app 

and the Instagram app. 

With our apps, we are going to spread ourselves around a city near you. If you find us, please drink us, please take a photo of us and please tweet about us! #mamateamap