Create some well being this Autumn with our teas

Here at Mama Tea, we love a good cuppa. We believe in the power of a good cup of tea; it is our first refuge. We also believe in the healing power of herbs to maintain balance in the body and boost well being.

As it is now Autumn, we wanted to create a range of loose leaf teas that used super fruits, herbs that boosted well being and all-round fabulous teas to get us through this beautiful season.


Inner Balance Herbal Tea by Mama Tea Well Being Teas

Try our Ayurvedic balance blend, “Inner Balance”. As we are a big fan of meditation, we would recommend using this tea when meditating using a candle or a guided mediation. We have created a perfect balance of sweet and spicy tastes, sweet liquorice roots swirl together with cinnamon pieces. Ginger roots are intertwined with rose leaves and cardamon. Sip this tea and seek some inner balance.


LOTUS LOVE loose leaf lime and peppermint herbal tea by Mama Tea Well Being Teas

Shake off the worries of the day with this delicious, invigorating lime herbal tea. A rainbow of flavours lights up your teacup with this brilliant blend; hibiscus, apple slices, elderberries and whole peppermint leaves. Feel this gentle tea relaxing and calming your central nervous system. Our star attraction is our lovely natural lime oil which is a well being staple. Focus your attention on the pink lotus flower and take some deep breaths. Feel the love.


REIKI ENERGY loose leaf tea by Mama Tea Well Being Tea

Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing technique, using the flow of natural energy. Pour a cup of our holistic tea, close your eyes and imagine healing energy flowing through you. This blend of tea is very special as we have specially selected all of the herbs and fruits to aid balance and harmony and to provide healing reiki energy. The freshness of mango invigorates the pure lemongrass and leaves you with a taste of tangerine orange. Rose petals calm the central nervous system and our cornflowers and rose buds are matched perfectly with fruity sultanas and apple pieces. Focus inward and feel the energy.


GOJI GODDESS loose leaf tea from Mama Tea Well Being Teas

Welcome the beautiful Gojiberry Goddess. See how her brilliant gojiberry jewels glisten in the winter sunshine, as she washes her face in a pool of bright red strawberries. Meditating by her strawberry pool, the sun bounces off her black eyelashes and the blackest of blackberry nails. Her special tea is a teacup of nutrients and super fruits. She is the Queen of the Berries!


Try our new summer loose leaf teas!


MOVIE NIGHT | loose leaf tea | raspberry popcorn tea | mama tea


Warm summer’s evening, grab some movie night raspberry popcorn and drive down to watch the latest movie with this blockbuster of a tea. Apple, pineapple and raspberries appear on the screen, warming up for the big star – popcorn! Enjoy this on warm summer’s nights as a delicious iced tea. Now, where is our golden globe for Best Fruit Tea?! TRY HERE


BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE TEA | loose leaf tea from mama tea


Smoothies are today’s well being health drink of choice and this tea takes it’s inspiration from one of the healthiest around – a blueberry smoothie! We threw in apples, pomegranates, rose hips and cornflowers and the result is a bright blue blueberry smoothie of a tea that will make you smile. TRY HERE!


mango-popsicle-tea loose leaf tea from mama tea


Dreaming of warm summer days and hazy sunshine put us in the mood to make these delicious mango popsicles. Fresh out of the freezer, how cute do they look? Pineapple cubes, mango, strawberry and orange makes this tea a refreshing summer drink. Try it as an iced tea for a real well being cool down this summer!

Go a step further and make this into a delicious iced tea popsicle, by pouring your iced tea into popsicle molds and freezing. A yummy but healthy alternative to traditional ice cream goodies.. TRY HERE!


chilli carrot cake tea loose leaf tea from mama tea


We love love love carrot cake and decided to throw in some hot chilli to spice up this traditional taste! Rich, earthy rooibos tea is mixed up in this hot recipe of rosebuds, carrots, safflower petals and chilli! We couldn’t resist the challenge of making tea taste like Mama’s fav cake! Go a step further and mix the essence of this delicious tea into your fav carrot cake recipe and serve up a chilli afternoon tea. Hot stuff! TRY HERE!

Loose Leaf vs Teabag- is there a taste difference?

Mama Tea loose tea

There are plenty that subscribe to the view that loose leaf makes the best cup of tea, is this really the case? Or can this debate be likened to the cork versus screw top debate in the wine world, where some traditionalists believe fervently that a wine bottle must have a cork for quality but research has shown a screw top preserves the wine just as well and has no effect on the quality of the glass of wine, the key thing is the quality of the wine to start with. So can the same argument be applied to tea? Is it the quality of the tea leaf that matters not how it is packed?

Until early in the twentieth century all tea that was drunk was loose leaf. In the 1900s a tea and coffee merchant from New York, Thomas Sullivan, as a way of cutting costs, started sending out samples of tea in hand sewn muslin bags. His intention was that the bag would be opened and the tea sampled but some clients didn’t do this and hence the idea of the teabag was born. Teabags started appearing commercially about 1904.

It was soon discovered that in order to maintain the quality of tea brewed from teabags, the loose tea needed to be cut finer and into smaller pieces. For tea leaves to fully infuse they need room to expand and as there is less room for leaves to expand in a teabag the leaves need to be smaller. Tea merchants also realised that as the tea is hidden in a bag the customer cannot see the tea and hence the quality of it, this combined with the need for a smaller leaf meant inferior quality tea crept into being used. Then over the rest of the twentieth century the teabag grew in popularity due to convenience and price (again kept low by the poorer quality tea being used), resulting in the image of loose leaf tea as the posh aunt to the inferior yet handy teabag.

mama tea teabag

In recent times there has been a concerted move to put the quality back into teabags and give the consumer quality and convenience. At Mama Tea we use the same quality of herbs in our teabags as we would in loose leaf tea, the only difference being that the herbs are cut to an exact size to allow the best expansion and infusion in the bags. Some companies are experimenting with newer styles of nylon bags and a larger cut of leaf in an attempt to align themselves with the quality associated with loose leaf tea. The tea leaves still need to be cut for these newer style of bags, just not as finely as for the “standard” teabag, and the resulting cup of tea will still be dependent on the quality of leaves used and the accuracy of cut-size relative to the bag size.

So in answer to the initial question, is loose leaf tea against teabags similar to the cork against screw top debate, the answer is yes, it is all to do with the quality of the raw ingredients. If you use the same quality of tea for loose as you do  for teabag, and cut it to the correct size, you will get the same quality cup of tea. Ironically what started as a cost cutting exercise for Thomas Sullivan, of putting loose tea in muslin bags instead of tins, has become more expensive to produce for those of us that use the same quality for loose and bag, as we need to cut the tea accurately and loose leaf no longer needs to come packaged in a tin!

Is Making a Pot of Tea a Dying Art?

As we lead busier and busier lives, are fewer and fewer of us taking time to make a pot of tea? According to the UK Tea Council, in the early 1960s teabags were 3% of the British tea market and by 2007 they accounted for 96% of the tea sales. Teabags were promoted in the 1950s as a convenient way to make a cup of tea, eradicating the messy business of tea leaves. Has this desire for convenience now led to a situation where most of the cups of tea drunk have been made by putting a teabag in a mug?

Leaving aside the taste discussion, as this is entirely personal preference, the increase in the use of teabags is not, on it’s own, evidence that we are no longer making tea in a pot but it does suggest that we are drawn to ways of making our lives simpler and the removal of the teapot from the tea making ceremony would indeed simplify the process.

The making of tea has always been ceremonial and ritualistic; from the Japanese Tea Ceremonies to elegant ladies’ tea parties in 17th century Britain, these events were about more than just the drinking of the tea itself. Have we now sacrificed ceremony for convenience therefore diminishing the role of the teapot?

The story of 19th century empire: Behind the modern British cup of tea lies the high politics of Victorian Britain

Maybe as we are busier and looking for convenience, the rituals and ceremonies in tea making will only occur when we bring the teapot out for a special occasion or on a Sunday morning when we’re less harried and can take our time to savour the ritual. However in this 24/7 world making more of an effort to get the teapot out would give us a chance to pause and slow down as we enjoy making our pot of tea, an art that cannot be rushed. Whatever happens the rituals surrounding the making of tea will evolve as they have done over the centuries and hopefully still remain special to many of us.