new mama breastfeeding tea

The power of herbs


Herbs have been with us since we first walked this Earth. We have infused them into tinctures and teas since cave dwelling times. The knowledge of herbs is an ancient and mystical intelligence and one that has never left us.


In today’s world, it is easy to become cynical and to put to one side such ancient practices. However, in doing this, we stop listening to our higher selves and we avoid an ancient knowledge so powerful and healing that we must be crazy!

Mama Tea was founded by a mother looking to use that knowledge to heal herself and others, simply by using the healing powers of herbs. Mama Tea is the only tea company to use Mother Wort for example. Mother Wort is an ancient herb used to aid women’s menstruation and uterus contractions. It is very effective and yet we are the only company still to use such an ancient herb.


Another powerful use of herbs is through the healing power of a recipe or a blend of many herbs to reach an overall healing effect. In ancient times, we would have called this a spell!

Mama Tea’s New Mama Breastfeeding Tea is a perfect example of that. In this tea, we have blended three galactagogues – nettle leaf,  fennel and fenugreek, all there to promote the production and flow of breast milk. We have also included lemon balm for post-natal depression and red clover to ease the effects of mastitis.

The overall effect of this recipe is to stimulate breastfeeding for the new breastfeeding mum as well as easing some of the less savoury side effects.

We need to embrace our ancient heritage and use what nature gave us!


New Teas for August!

At Mama Tea HQ, for August,  we have decamped to the beautiful isle of Ibiza…

Mama Tea Day Spa

Normally a massive party place at this time of the year, we have been over on the quieter side of the island…all long beach walks and dreaming of sweet herbs…

I firmly believe in the holistic power of herbs and flowers and no-where does it feel more natural to create new tea blends than on this lovely island. Inspired by the beautiful tanned fit people I see everywhere here, I felt inspired to create some iced teas that are not only tasty but also good for your beauty, fitness and detox regimes.


First up is Berry Blush which I created specifically as an iced tea.

berry blush tea

Spare your blushes with this glamorous beauty berry tea. We have blended the pinky red cranberries with green apples, hibiscus and soft white vanilla to create a beauty tea like no other.


Cranberries are a super fruit; a powerful antioxidant, they are an incredible ingredient for your skin. With such strong antioxidant qualities, they help the skin to get rid of free radicals with contribute to the aging process, leaving you with youthful looking skin.

The high percentage of Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and antioxidants in this fruit makes it useful in shielding our skin against any harm caused due to environmental factors.

Vitamin C, one of the amazing components contained in cranberry juice, is essential for the formation of hydroxylisine, hydroxyproline, and amino acids required by the body to produce collagen. Oxygen and other important nutrients are responsible for keeping the skin firm and soft. They also make the skin look radiant and young. The collagen present in the cranberry juice helps to serve this purpose.

Cranberries also should be consumed daily, to help avoid dental problems like cavities and plague. This is truly the art of beauty by prevention.


Next up, is the delightful RUBY RHUBARB Detox Tea


Get fit this summer with our Ruby Rhubarb Detox Tea. Whether it is running along the beach or in the park, sip this pink beauty of a tea to aid your fitness routine and overall detox regime.

Packed with fitness beauties like elderberries, hibiscus blossoms, apples and Rhubarb, this is an energising detox tea that hydrates as well as energises.

Imagine the sweet aroma of freshly baked Rhubarb Pie as you sip this ruby beauty.



Last up, is our fruity Pineapple Pamper Iced Tea


Feel pampered at the Mama Tea Day Spa with this tropical citrus tea! The freshest pineapples have been cut up and blended with full round lemons for the ultimate refreshing iced fruit tea.

Think of a warm day on the beach in Ibiza, with the heat of sun on your skin and the taste of lemon on your lips. Pineapple sweet surfboards, boho blueberry bikinis and golden tanned skin.

The Mama Tea Day Spa is right on the beach, so that you can relax, watching the ocean with the scent of lemons in the air…





flower power

New Mama Breastfeeding Tea

Ok, so it is still only February and spring has definitely not sprung yet. However, at Mama Tea we are already dreaming of soft florals and warm sunshine. So, we thought we would let our floral imagination run away with us…

Unleash the power of flowers with Mama Tea’s New Mama Breastfeeding Tea: Mama has added three galactagogues – fennel seeds, fenugreek and nettle leaf to help to get breast milk flowing…

New Mama Breastfeeding Tea

Mama has also added lemon balm to help with post-natal depression or the “baby blues” and red clover to help with mastitis…

new mama breastfeeding tea

So why not treat a new mum you know to a beautiful natural present as well as some freshly cut flowers – the true power of flowers!

new mama breastfeeding tea



sexy apples and wholesome rhubarb

The bountiful apples of this tea are infused by the beautiful Goddess of New Moon. She gathers her raspberries, blackberries and rose petals during the day and washes them in the bright moonlight in freshwater pools. Dancing around the rhubarb stalks close to the Ibiza beach, she is the fresh-faced lovely sometimes spotted on the beach at midnight, dancing around, the moon streaking her hair with silver light. Her skin glows in the moonlight as she rubs on her mixture of the purest rose petals and hibiscus flowers…



This tea is one of our Detox favourites and is a fantastic bikini tea too, so we had to call it a Skinny tea. APPLES are natures blessing – abundant with wholesome goodies.


The mighty RHUBARB is a powerful aid for detoxification, as it is atringent, antiviral and also contains anthraquinones, which are natural occuring chemicals which are anti-inflammatory, an antioxident and also regenerating.


SULTANAS are a natural detoxifying fruit!

hibiscus flowers

The Goddess popped in some HIBISCUS FLOWERS to this tea for it’s antioxident qualities also because it is particularly good at giving the skin that beautiful glow.

rose petals

RED ROSE PETALS are a wonderful skin purifier and have been used by wise women in both Ibiza and Greece for many years, to naturally improve skin’s appearance and elasticity.


Mama Tea – why do we know a thing or two about herbal tea?

Why do we know so much about herbal tea at Mama Tea, you may ask? Is it because the Mama decided that no-one was blending herbal teas to taste good and came up with some lovely teas as a trial…?

Inner Balance Herbal Tea | Mama Tea Well Being Herbal Teas


Is it because we used a Master Tea Blender to help get those lovely teas just right?

Reiki Energy | Herbal Tea | Mama Tea Well Being Tea


Is it because we use only the best herbal suppliers in the world?

Goji Goddess | Herbal Tea | Mama Tea Well Being Tea


Is it because we know one of the top medical herbalists in the UK and have sought her advice for many of our blends?

Well Being Tea Gift | Mama Tea

No…it is because of all of these reasons!!! We care about our teas and we care about our customers. Put them together and you get Mama Tea!


New Loose Leaf Beauty Teas from Mama Tea!


At Mama Tea, we know a thing or two about the power of herbs. We have applied our knowledge to create some wonderful beauty teas; loose leaf teas that will assist your beauty routine from the inside out.

Rosy Tea Beauty Tea

ROSY SKIN beauty tea

We have combined the best skin enhancing herbs available to create this delicate beauty tea. Rosy Skin beauty tea contains cinnamon, rose hips, nettle leaf, oat straw herb, rooibos, rose petals and delicate jasmine flowers.


Rosy-Skin-roses | rooibos and rose tea | Mama Tea

This aromatic rose rooibos herbal blend is like facial in a teacup, with goodies like nettle leaf, rose-hip and rose petals that all work together to enhance your skin and beauty.


Rosy-skin-roses | rose and rooibos loose leaf tea | Mama Tea

There is a reason the Romans and Greeks used to bathe in rose petals. This wonderful herb not only looks and smells good, but it is a very beneficial skin remedy; antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, the beautiful delicate rose petals naturally moisturise and tone the skin.


Rosy-Skin-roses | rooibos rose petal tea | Mama Tea

Rose hip is like a multivitamin for skin. It is very rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants all of which are essential for skin health. Rose hips are naturally rich in lycopene, a power antioxidant. The lycopene in rose hips help to protect skin from premature ageing.


Rosy-Skin-jasmine-flowers | rooibos and rose petal tea | Mama Tea

Jasmine flower is a well known skin remedy; it is a powerful antioxidant and also assists with anti-aging as it can flush free radicals from the central nervous system.


Rosy-Skin | Beauty Tea | rooibos tea | Mama Tea

Rooibos (also known as Redbush tea) is a powerful antioxidant from South Africa that helps to rid the skin of toxins and also works to flush out free radicals.


Rosy Skin | rooibos and rose tea | Mama Tea

Finally, Oat Straw herb is full of magnesium and calcium and is used to help prevent dry skin. So treat your skin to a cup of goodness with this delicate beauty tea…BUY HERE!


Why drink “pregnancy herbal tea”?

Pregnancy and Herbal Tea

Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

Why drink a special “pregnancy tea” I hear you say. There are thousands of herbal teas out there, so why a special one for pregnancy?

Well, there are some herbs that are not ideal during pregnancy and some that should only be taken at certain times. However, caffeine is probably more harmful than any of the herbal teas that you could buy in your supermarket, so please do not be alarmed. You would also have to drink a LOT of unsuitable herbal tea for it to have a huge effect. Saying that, there are some things to be aware of.

Spearmint Tea and Pregnancy

cool mama herbal tea | Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

Spearmint tea is better during pregnancy than peppermint tea. Although both are from the same family of herbs, they are quite different in terms of their chemical make-up. Peppermint slightly irritates the uterus lining, whereas spearmint is completely harmless. Spearmint tea like Mama Tea’s Cool Mama tea also help relieve pregnancy heartburn as we have blended it with chamomile and marshmallow leaf, so go for spearmint instead. BUY HERE

Raspberry Leaf and Pregnancy

Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

Raspberry leaf, hibiscus, motherwort and rosehip all stimulate the uterus, which is not recommended before week 38 of pregnancy, so avoid all of these types of teas at the start of pregnancy. Saying that, towards the end of pregnancy, around week 38 onwards, these herbs are actually extremely beneficial for a pregnant woman. All of these herbs will “tone” the uterus and help the body prepare for birth. Increase the amount you are drinking towards week 40 and these herbal teas will actually stimulate the uterus so much that they can help you go into labour naturally and also increase the intensity of your contractions.

ready mama herbal tea | Mama Tea Pregnancy Tea

There are lots of raspberry leaf teas on the market but very few combine all four of these powerful uterine stimulants. Mama Tea has solved this with their birth preparation tea, Ready Mama as this tea combines all four of these herbs. Mama Tea has also included some lovely rose petals to make this tea smell and taste lovely with the added benefit that rose petals calm the central nervous system. BUY HERE

Rooibos and Pregnancy

Rooibos or redbush tea is a herb that has been used in South Africa by pregnant women for a long time. It is a powerful antioxidant, more than green tea! And it is completely safe to use in pregnancy, so ditch the caffeinated teas and coffees and try a rooibos tea instead.

Rooibos herbal tea | Well being tea | mama tea

At Mama Tea, we wanted our rooibos tea, Glowing Mama, to have some little pregnancy “extras”, so we also added dandelion and elderflower which both help with fluid retention and also some echinacea, nature’s natural antibiotic, for an all-round pregnancy tea! BUY HERE

Drink Mama Tea during your pregnancy for the right herbs at the right time and your peace of mind.

Try our new summer loose leaf teas!


MOVIE NIGHT | loose leaf tea | raspberry popcorn tea | mama tea


Warm summer’s evening, grab some movie night raspberry popcorn and drive down to watch the latest movie with this blockbuster of a tea. Apple, pineapple and raspberries appear on the screen, warming up for the big star – popcorn! Enjoy this on warm summer’s nights as a delicious iced tea. Now, where is our golden globe for Best Fruit Tea?! TRY HERE


BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE TEA | loose leaf tea from mama tea


Smoothies are today’s well being health drink of choice and this tea takes it’s inspiration from one of the healthiest around – a blueberry smoothie! We threw in apples, pomegranates, rose hips and cornflowers and the result is a bright blue blueberry smoothie of a tea that will make you smile. TRY HERE!


mango-popsicle-tea loose leaf tea from mama tea


Dreaming of warm summer days and hazy sunshine put us in the mood to make these delicious mango popsicles. Fresh out of the freezer, how cute do they look? Pineapple cubes, mango, strawberry and orange makes this tea a refreshing summer drink. Try it as an iced tea for a real well being cool down this summer!

Go a step further and make this into a delicious iced tea popsicle, by pouring your iced tea into popsicle molds and freezing. A yummy but healthy alternative to traditional ice cream goodies.. TRY HERE!


chilli carrot cake tea loose leaf tea from mama tea


We love love love carrot cake and decided to throw in some hot chilli to spice up this traditional taste! Rich, earthy rooibos tea is mixed up in this hot recipe of rosebuds, carrots, safflower petals and chilli! We couldn’t resist the challenge of making tea taste like Mama’s fav cake! Go a step further and mix the essence of this delicious tea into your fav carrot cake recipe and serve up a chilli afternoon tea. Hot stuff! TRY HERE!

Taste a little lemon balm this spring!


Commonly known as “melissa”, this wonderful herb comes from the Greek word, “mel” meaning honey. It’s bright green leaves are a common sight in many herb gardens. But why is it such a wonderful herb?

lemon balm | morning mama herbal tea | mama tea



The sixteenth century herbalist, Paracelsus called it the “elixir of youth” as it operates as an antibacterial, antidepressant, antiviral and a mild sedative.  It has long been hailed as a natural remedy for depression as well as acting as a gentle natural sedative for emotional upsets.

lemon balm | morning mama tea | mama tea



The real healing power of this fabulous herb is it’s wonderful effect on the digestion system. Lemon balm will ease most stomach upsets and digestive complaints, including morning sickness.

Next time you are feeling a little low or have a quest stomach, give lemon balm a chance to heal.

morning mama ginger morning sickness herbal tea

Celebrate Easter with a little well-being……

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Well being tea from Mama Tea

This Easter, put the chocolate eggs to one side and take some time out with a soothing cup of herbal tea. Easter is a time for renewal; take some time for you and make some plans for your well being…..

Creating a Well Being Plan doesn’t need to be a massive project; it is the simple steps that make a difference…..


Meditate with Mama Tea Well Being Teas

Create a space and some time for meditation. Even if this feels difficult at first, persist. Research shows that a little meditation every day is extremely beneficial for mind and body.

Three quick meditations from Natalie MacNeill from the Huffington Post (link here):

Stress Shaker (releases stress from your body)

Start by taking a few deep breaths then bring your awareness to whatever is causing you stress.
As you become aware of what’s bothering you say, “I’m willing to move forward and see this differently.”
Then take a few deep breaths, using the exhalation to sigh and release the tension.
Once you’ve done this, shake it out and move your body, visualizing your stress being shaken away. Do this for as long as you like.

Time Tap (shifts your mindset to a place of abundant time)

Place your hands on your lap. Starting with your pinky fingers, tap one finger of each hand at a time (synchronizing your left and right hands) and move through each finger to your thumbs. Place your hands on your lap. Starting with your pinky fingers, tap one finger of each hand at a time (synchronizing your left and right hands) and move through each finger to your thumbs.

As you tap, recite one word in a five-word mantra for every tap. My favorites include, “I always have enough time,” “I am one with time” and “Time is within my control.” (Or, create one of your own, being sure to focus on you being in control of time instead of the other way around.).

Focus Flame (Reduces tension and eye strain)

Turn off your computer.
Light a candle.
Bring the flame to eye level, holding it about 12-18 inches in front of you.
Set your gaze on the flame and look at it for 1-2 minutes.
Take deep breaths as you do this, releasing any of the tension you may be feeling with each exhalation.


mama tea well being tea

The idea of exercising every day seems over-whelming at first. But like all small changes, start with the baby steps. Quite literally. Start with walking. A quick walk every day will do wonders for your mind and your body. If you want to lose weight and/or get very fit, then increase the walking to a run but do not under-estimate the benefits of getting a little exercise every day.


Easter Well being Tea from mama tea

Hydrate your mind and body with clear water! It is that easy! We also advocate reducing your caffeine levels substantially. Caffeine is a toxic stressor for your central nervous system and as such, upsets balance in the body. Many of our caffeine-free herbal teas contain herbs that flush out toxins, like the powerful antioxidant, rooibos. We also have fantastic herbs for calming the central nervous system, like chamomile and marshmallow leaf. Give your body a break and go herbal! Drink Mama Tea!