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Morning Sickness

If you are one of the unlucky ones like Anna (founder of Mama Tea), you thought that your daily “morning” sickness would subside after week 12 and you would be wrong. Anna suffered with morning sickness until week 24 with her first pregnancy and week 20 with her second baby. She recalls how it felt:

“I would wake up and feel sick, so I would have a teeny tiny slice of toast and it would subside for all of…..2 minutes. I then tried NOT eating and it became much worse. I tried eating more and the same. It was delicate balancing act with food to ensure you were eating the right foods and just the right balance of food. Awful! I remember my husband buying ginger nut biscuits but the smell was too overpowering, so the only person that ate ginger nut biscuits to help with morning sickness in our household was my husband!”

When Anna decided to create a natural range of teas to help with pregnancy and breastfeeding, she was very careful to blend the ginger morning sickness tea so that it was not too overpowering and was a subtle taste and smell.

Morning Mama Ginger and Chamomile Herbal Tea

morning mama ginger morning sickness herbal tea

Morning Mama ginger tea is a delicious ginger tea blend that is completely natural and caffeine-free. Morning Mama has some lovely goodies blended in, all to help combat morning sickness.

Morning Mama mama tea Natural Herbal Tea in disAnna blended in whole chamomile heads, lemon peel and orange peel. She also added a touch of lemon balm. The reason for including all of these extra herbs is that ALL of them help with nausea and sickness, so Morning Mama is a powerful morning sickness remedy!

Morning Mama Review

We received this testimonial only last week – have a read – Morning Mama helped this customer to keep working at the early stages of her pregnancy….

“I started using Morning Mama Tea when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was sceptical about the tea helping,but the nausea and sickness was unbearable. I can honestly say that the tea has helped me cope with the nausea and helped me to manage working whilst not feeling my best. This is my third pregnancy and the nausea has stayed with me until I was 23 weeks. I found brewing the tea in a thermos cup great as I could sip the tea throughout the day and the tea stayed hot”.

Melanie, 27 weeks pregnant and mother of two beautiful girls.

If you are suffering with morning sickness, give Morning Mama a go and please let us know if it has helped you too!

All the best


Mama Tea




Mama Tea and Aptaclub

A very happy Twitterer with her Aptaclub pack and her silky blue bag full of Mama Tea! It contains Cool Mama spearmint natural herbal tea, Morning Mama ginger natural herbal tea and Glowing Mama natural herbal tea!

Enjoy the cuppa of Mama Tea!

Mama Tea’s Morning Sickness Tips

Morning sickness is one of the classic signs of pregnancy, for some women it is the first sign of pregnancy. So what can you do to relieve the unpleasant symptoms?

Drink Morning Mama

mama tea morning mama

The mama, of mama tea, created morning mama with nausea and morning sickness in mind. She worked with a master tea blender and a medical herbalist to blend a gentle and delicate ginger and chamomile tea. The tea is a blend of ginger, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon peel and orange peel. Ginger, chamomile and lemon balm are all used to combat vomiting and in eastern traditions orange peel is used for morning sickness. Even better is that, as well as being a blend of herbs with lovely properties, it tastes great and can be enjoyed any time of the day. To buy morning mama click here (we can sell worldwide from our website).

Eat Small Frequent Meals

Despite any urges to stay away from food for fear of nausea and sickness, doctors recommend that you eat regularly and drink fluids to prevent dehydration. Even when you’re feeling delicate a little bland food is thought to help ease the nausea rather than aggravate it, stay away from foods that make you cringe and eat your comfort foods. It is generally thought that fried and fatty foods are not a good idea and are more likely to aggravate than settle the stomach but listen to your body as we’re all different.

Rest and Exercise

pregnancy exercise

Put your feet up and treat yourself to some me time whenever you can and do your best to get enough sleep every night. Similarly exercise within your comfort levels, whether it is a walk in the park or a gentle run, exercise can increase your general feeling of well being and help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Avoid Hot Environments

Hot environments increase the feeling of nausea and discomfort, cool fresh air is preferable. Carry some unscented baby wipes so you can freshen up whenever you need to.

Acupressure Bands

acupressure bands

Some women find acupressure bands worn on the wrists help with nausea. They work using the same theories as acupuncture. Acupressure bands can be used for any sort of nausea not just morning sickness.

Do you have any tips on how to ease morning sickness?

How to make Iced Tea

ready mama iced tea

The sun is shining so we thought we would share with you our tips for making tasty iced tea. To get started all you need is a kettle and some Mama Tea, then simply boil the kettle, brew your chosen tea, allow to cool and serve. Here’s some additional tips and ideas for great iced tea;

1. Use lots of tea bags

Cooled tea has a milder flavour than hot tea, so use double or triple the number of teabags you would normally use. The exact number of tea bags comes down to personal taste and a little bit of experimentation.

2. Don’t over brew your tea

Use more teabags rather than extending the brewing time to get the stronger flavour required, brewing the tea for longer will only result in a bitter flavour.

3. Cool before refrigerating

Cool your tea in the room before refrigerating, your iced tea can go cloudy if you refrigerate when hot and it’s not good for the workings of your fridge to put hot things in.

4. Have fun with your finishing touches

Once cold, add a few iced cubes and your tea is ready to serve but here at Mama Tea we have a few other finishing touches we like to add;

Morning Mama, Glowing Mama and New Mama – add fresh or frozen slices of orange and lemon,

Cool Mama – add fresh mint leaves,

Ready Mama – add fresh and frozen strawberries (or other berries), and a sprig on mint.

These are our tips for making tasty iced tea but we’d love to hear yours.

Find out more about Mama Tea and buy our tea by visiting our website.

How Mama Tea Created that Picture!

mama tea jubilee

If you follow Mama Tea on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed our current obsession with photography, in particular iPhone photography, Intsagram, Pinterest and other apps for our iPhones. We think visuals can be so much fun and stimulating and they really bring out our creative side in the office. Here’s a quick “how to” guide to create our Morning Mama Jubilee picture.

Step 1

A photograph of morning mama envelopes taken with the built in camera on the iPhone.

morning mama

Step 2

Using the camera+ app on the iPhone the colours were altered and two new pictures were created.

morning mama

morning mama

Step 3

Using a new found app called Fuzel, we created a collage.mama tea jubilee

Then, still on Fuzel, filled in each of the segments with either red or blue morning mama.

Step 4

The end result was then shared across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

mama tea jubilee

It’s lots of fun and all done on the iPhone, have a go!

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No more Morning Sickness – Morning Mama ginger herbal tea to the rescue!

morning mama

“morning mama … a delicate blend of ginger root, chamomile flowers, lemon balm, lemon peel and orange peel”

Morning Mama

At Mama Tea we pride ourselves on the careful thought that has gone into each tea to make them safe for pregnancy and all mums and mums-to-be. Here’s some of the things we think are really great about morning mama herbal tea:

Ginger root – a wonderfully warming herb that has been in use by medical herbalists since records began. It is regarded as useful for controlling both nausea and coughing. It has traditionally been taken in pregnancy in teas, ginger beer, sweets and biscuits for morning sickness.

Chamomile – used by both the Greeks and the Anglo Saxons. Herbalists have used chamomile for nervous upset stomachs, nausea, insomnia and externally in creams for eczema, wounds, nappy rash and piles. In pregnancy it has been taken to combat nausea while it’s sedative properties are great for relieving anxiety and insomnia.

Lemon balm – a cooling herb regarded by one German herbalist as an “elixir of youth”, as late as the eighteenth century it was still being recommended to “renew youth”. Today it is used as an anti-depressant and as a digestive. In pregnancy it is used to ease digestive upsets, such as morning sickness, and a gentle sedative for emotional upsets.

Lemon peel and orange peel – these add a pleasant background flavour to the tea, in addition to this bitter orange has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to treat nausea and morning sickness.

The Mama suffered dreadful “morning” sickness when she was pregnant but wanted to take something natural that had been researched. Ginger biscuits made her feel worse as the smell of ginger was overpowering. Therefore when she thought up the idea for Mama Tea, she decided to make sure that the Tea Blender blended Morning Mama ginger herbal tea to be a subtle ginger aroma rather than overpowering. The result is a lovely warming blend that is energising and soothing.

To buy morning mama or find out about the other teas in the Mama Tea collection visit our website