New Teas for August!

At Mama Tea HQ, for August,  we have decamped to the beautiful isle of Ibiza…

Mama Tea Day Spa

Normally a massive party place at this time of the year, we have been over on the quieter side of the island…all long beach walks and dreaming of sweet herbs…

I firmly believe in the holistic power of herbs and flowers and no-where does it feel more natural to create new tea blends than on this lovely island. Inspired by the beautiful tanned fit people I see everywhere here, I felt inspired to create some iced teas that are not only tasty but also good for your beauty, fitness and detox regimes.


First up is Berry Blush which I created specifically as an iced tea.

berry blush tea

Spare your blushes with this glamorous beauty berry tea. We have blended the pinky red cranberries with green apples, hibiscus and soft white vanilla to create a beauty tea like no other.


Cranberries are a super fruit; a powerful antioxidant, they are an incredible ingredient for your skin. With such strong antioxidant qualities, they help the skin to get rid of free radicals with contribute to the aging process, leaving you with youthful looking skin.

The high percentage of Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and antioxidants in this fruit makes it useful in shielding our skin against any harm caused due to environmental factors.

Vitamin C, one of the amazing components contained in cranberry juice, is essential for the formation of hydroxylisine, hydroxyproline, and amino acids required by the body to produce collagen. Oxygen and other important nutrients are responsible for keeping the skin firm and soft. They also make the skin look radiant and young. The collagen present in the cranberry juice helps to serve this purpose.

Cranberries also should be consumed daily, to help avoid dental problems like cavities and plague. This is truly the art of beauty by prevention.


Next up, is the delightful RUBY RHUBARB Detox Tea


Get fit this summer with our Ruby Rhubarb Detox Tea. Whether it is running along the beach or in the park, sip this pink beauty of a tea to aid your fitness routine and overall detox regime.

Packed with fitness beauties like elderberries, hibiscus blossoms, apples and Rhubarb, this is an energising detox tea that hydrates as well as energises.

Imagine the sweet aroma of freshly baked Rhubarb Pie as you sip this ruby beauty.



Last up, is our fruity Pineapple Pamper Iced Tea


Feel pampered at the Mama Tea Day Spa with this tropical citrus tea! The freshest pineapples have been cut up and blended with full round lemons for the ultimate refreshing iced fruit tea.

Think of a warm day on the beach in Ibiza, with the heat of sun on your skin and the taste of lemon on your lips. Pineapple sweet surfboards, boho blueberry bikinis and golden tanned skin.

The Mama Tea Day Spa is right on the beach, so that you can relax, watching the ocean with the scent of lemons in the air…






Try our new summer loose leaf teas!


MOVIE NIGHT | loose leaf tea | raspberry popcorn tea | mama tea


Warm summer’s evening, grab some movie night raspberry popcorn and drive down to watch the latest movie with this blockbuster of a tea. Apple, pineapple and raspberries appear on the screen, warming up for the big star – popcorn! Enjoy this on warm summer’s nights as a delicious iced tea. Now, where is our golden globe for Best Fruit Tea?! TRY HERE


BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE TEA | loose leaf tea from mama tea


Smoothies are today’s well being health drink of choice and this tea takes it’s inspiration from one of the healthiest around – a blueberry smoothie! We threw in apples, pomegranates, rose hips and cornflowers and the result is a bright blue blueberry smoothie of a tea that will make you smile. TRY HERE!


mango-popsicle-tea loose leaf tea from mama tea


Dreaming of warm summer days and hazy sunshine put us in the mood to make these delicious mango popsicles. Fresh out of the freezer, how cute do they look? Pineapple cubes, mango, strawberry and orange makes this tea a refreshing summer drink. Try it as an iced tea for a real well being cool down this summer!

Go a step further and make this into a delicious iced tea popsicle, by pouring your iced tea into popsicle molds and freezing. A yummy but healthy alternative to traditional ice cream goodies.. TRY HERE!


chilli carrot cake tea loose leaf tea from mama tea


We love love love carrot cake and decided to throw in some hot chilli to spice up this traditional taste! Rich, earthy rooibos tea is mixed up in this hot recipe of rosebuds, carrots, safflower petals and chilli! We couldn’t resist the challenge of making tea taste like Mama’s fav cake! Go a step further and mix the essence of this delicious tea into your fav carrot cake recipe and serve up a chilli afternoon tea. Hot stuff! TRY HERE!



Our Glowing Mama gets her dewy glow with a strict beauty regime…..she has plenty of sleep, drinks lots of water and eat 7(!) pieces of fruit and veg a day. But what gives her that well being extra? What is her secret?

rooibos herbal tea | well being tea | mama tea


Our lovely lady has a well being secret that combines the well being properties of rooibos tea, elderflower, echinacea and dandelion.

She combines these natural herbs in a delicious tea called after her……Glowing Mama

Rooibos herbal tea | Well being tea | mama tea



Our lovely lady adores rooibos tea, as the rooibos herb is such a powerful antioxidant. As an antioxidant, getting rid of toxins and nasties helps to give her skin and hair a particular glow. As Glowing Mama is a caffeine-tea and is 100% natural, it is a wonderful tea and a great beauty product.

rooibos herbal tea | well being tea | mama tea




Mama Tea’s Photo Walk | No.1 | 10.01.13

Mama Tea’s Walk to Work  – First Photo Walk – 10th January 2013

This is January. Oh yes, that month of resolutions and dull days. To brighten up our minds and bodies, here at Mama Tea, we are going to be doing a regular Photo Walk blog during January to show that January rocks! All roads lead to Mama Tea and our trusty Apple but we want to share the journey…….January, we love you!

Water of Leith sign

Church in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Buildings

Sun in Edinburgh

Statue in Edinburgh

Cow in Window


Mama Tea Year in Photos

Mama Tea’s Year

2012 has been the year Mama Tea got into visual story telling, or in other words we had some fun with iPhone photography and used it give you a peek behind the scenes of Mama Tea HQ and some of our exploits. Some pictures we took for a practical reason, some we tried to make arty and some were just for fun. Here’s some of our favourite pictures of Mama Tea’s year.

Mama Tea Valentine's Day

Mama Tea on Instagram

Our first ever Instagram photo, this was taken for a friday giveaway we were running on Facebook on Valentine’s Day.

Mama Tea's Birthday Cake

Mama Tea’s Birthday

This is one of our enduring favourite photos of the year, our birthday cake for Mama Tea’s third birthday in April.

Mama Tea Jubilee Flag

Mama Tea and the Jubilee

Another enduring favourite is this picture we created for the Jubilee in June. This was one of our attempts at being artistic and this picture was the subject of a blog about using photography apps on the iPhone.

mama tea

New Packaging for Mama Tea

A highlight of the year was our shiny fresh new packaging for Mama Tea. We’ve taken lots of photos of our new packaging this year including…

Mama Tea morning mama

… an arty attempt at a picture of morning mama.

The Mama 10 Downing Street

Mama Tea lunches with the Prime Minister

This was also the year that the mama had lunch at Number 10 with the Prime Minister…

The Mama and George Osbourne… and met George Osbourne.

Edinburgh's Dean Village

Mama Tea H.Q.

We also enjoyed taking photographs of Edinburgh (the home of MT HQ) this year. This picture is taken from the Dean Bridge looking over Dean Village. We’re so lucky in Edinburgh that the city is beautiful and the light changes all the time giving us lots of photo opportunities.


Mama Tea selling Tea to China

The mama also took some amazing photos of Tokyo and Shanghai (Shanghai above) when she visited on a trade mission in November. The trade mission was a great success and it’s a case of watch this space to find out what business opportunities develop as a result of the trip.

Christmas Lights William Street

Merry Christmas from all at Mama Tea

The year has nearly ended and these are the Christmas lights that twinkle at us each evening as we leave MT HQ. We’re having our Christmas lunch tomorrow and we’d like to wish all our customers and supporters a Merry Christmas.

It’s been an amazing year for Mama Tea and we’re looking forward to taking more photographs next year, follow all our attempts at photography on instagram (username: mama_tea).

Mama Tea – Tea for Mama’s-To-Be and New Mamas – Our Testimonials

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Herbal Teas

Mama Tea is approaching it’s fourth Christmas and we are hanging up baubles and tinsel whilst drinking our lovely pregnancy teas. We thought it would be a good time to reflect on why Mama Tea started in the first place and why our teas are so special for pregnant and nursing ladies. We worked with one of the world’s top Medical Herbalists – Penelope Ody, to create these blends and we think they are rather special……

Morning Sickness – Morning Mama Ginger and Chamomile Blend

This is the subtle ginger brew that was specially formulated for women with morning sickness and nausea. We combined whole ginger root with whole chamomile heads along with orange peel, lemon peel and lemon balm. All of these herbs are good for morning sickness. Begone morning sickness! Weeks 1- 40.

Pregnancy Heartburn – Cool Mama Spearmint and Chamomile Blend

The is the minty pregnancy heartburn tea that can be drunk throughout pregnancy. We blended whole chamomile flowers, with spearmint leaves and marshmallow leaves to create this rather special minty blend for mamas-to-be. More gentle on the tummy and uterus than peppermint! Weeks 1-40.

Antioxidant Rooibos  – Glowing Mama Rooibos and Dandelion Blend

Earthy Glowing Mama is a splendid all-round pregnancy tea. Perfect for naturally fighting off colds and boosting the immune system.  We have blended rooibos with echinacea leaf, elderflowers and dandelion. Earthy and lovely! Weeks 1-40

Birth Preparation Tea – Raspberry Leaf and Rose Petal Blend

This is the ultimate birth preparation tea! Raspberry leaf blended with motherwort and hibiscus are all powerful uterine stimulants that get the body ready for birth. As a result, we recommend it from week 38 onwards. Great one for the birth bag as it is good to drink throughout labour and immediately after birth. Oh, and we have managed to make it taste good! Weeks 38 onwards.

Breastfeeding Tea – Fennel and Liquorice Blend

The Mama of all Breastfeeding Herbal Teas. As you can see from the testimonials below, you need look no further, if breastfeeding! Three powerful galactagogues help to get breast milk produced and flowing. We also have lemon balm in here for post-natal depression and red clover for mastitis. A wonderful addition in those precious first few months. Post-birth onwards.

Some of our Testimonials

 I won a trio of full sized Mama Teas a few months ago, during a Facebook competition. Ironically – I am not a Mama (yet) but I do love a good cup of tea, and I also have friends who have just given birth so I didnt feel like a complete fool entering. ( stuff rocks) I was blown away by the three flavours I received; Cool Mama, Glowing Mama, and Morning Mama. Ive been a big tea drinker for about 15 years, and Ive tried everything – usually to my regret. What really satisfied me about Mama Tea is that each flavour was smooth and genuine, with no bitterness or bad aftertaste. Some teas leave your mouth feeling dry and acrid – not so with Mama Tea. But most importantly, they made me feel better afterward. Morning Mama, while it is the perfect concoction for a squiffy early pregnancy belly – I found the ginger and chamomile soothed my non pregnant upset tum beautifully – so this could easily be a great tea for new Mums and Dads to share. Cool Mama is the mint hero of the three that I tasted, and its one of the best mint teas Ive ever tried. Smooth, cool, sweet – no complaints, and it went down a treat. My absolute favourite – Glowing Mama, is a rich rooibos and elderflower blend which blows away every rooibos Ive tried. The flavour is outstanding! I have recommended these teas to the Mama’s I know, and they loved them as well. I will be restocking – please don’t ever go away!  Anna Simon

Hello Mama! Thank you for offering me a free sample of one of your blends, I would love one. I’m a big fan of ready mama, I suffer with dysmenorrhea and i find drinking ready mama eases my symptoms. I really enjoy a cup of cool mama every now and then when I’m feeling stressed as it is really relaxing and refreshing. Charlotte Rydz

I had my baby in November 2010 and my Mum went to Tesco for me to do a big shop to help out in the early days.  I’m so glad she did!  She came back with a box of New Mama tea which has proved to be a life saver for me.  I’m exclusively breastfeeding, currently into month 5 and I also express an extra bottle a day to donate to the local Milk Bank to aid the recovery of premature babies.  Not only do I really like the taste of New Mama Tea but I most definitely see an increase in my supply after drinking it.  So, after expressing, I have a cup and then I’m happy and confident knowing my supply will replenish quicker.  When I run out of tea bags I definitely notice a difference.  Another bonus is that I’m usually a big tea and coffee drinker (two sugars, loads of milk – very bad) so in drinking caffeine free Mama Tea it’s better for my baby and also better for my waistline!  I’ve definitely lost weight ditching the sugary drinks.  Thanks Mama Tea!”All the best, Gemma x (Still breastfeeding, still expressing and still drinking New Mama Tea every day!)

I bought the New Mama tea and was a little scared when I opened the box because the smell was so strong! I shouldn’t have been as it was DELICIOUS!! I would recommend this product to anyone and have bought some for friends as baby shower gifts too. Wonderful personable customer services too by the way!Donna Burns, Busy Mum to 3 wee girls.

New mama tea has helped me build my milk supply, enabling me to pump milk in preparation for returning to work. Their new mama tea is able to do this as well as taste fantastic! I only wish I’d known about it when I had my daughter! I will definitely be promoting it at the breast feeding support group I am part of :)”  Lucy Hunt

“mama tea is a little more than tea…

I first came to know mama tea after I had my youngest son and I was breastfeeding him, I looked for something to help make me feel better after the birth and that came in the shape of ‘New Mama’. It has a wonderful blend that brings comfort and warmth in those early shocking days, and it stays with you throughout. And, my milk supply was positively affected by the tea (thought this was a myth). It along with ‘Glowing Mama’ and ‘Cool Mama’ have became staples in our household. 

As I said mama tea is more than tea, add them on Facebook or follow them on twitter and it is amazing to see what one business can do to change the world of so many mums out there! 

So thank you, Mama Tea!!!”

Andrea Gavin

Mama Tea in Japan with Scotland Food and Drink and SDI – #exportweek

Mama Tea recently ventured over to Shanghai and Tokyo. This is our journey in pictures……


Vending machines in a lane in Tokyo.


 Cluttered street in Tokyo.


Sushi meal with other members of #export week


Sushi in Nobu with @scotdevint #exportweek


Scottish lobster served up at Nobu, Tokyo


Members of the Scottish Trade Mission at Nobu in Tokyo


Dinner in Tokyo



Tokyo at night


Tokyo skyline



Pinhead Gunpowder Tea | 珠茶 | pinyin | zhū chá

Pinhead Gunpowder is a very famous green tea produced in the

Zhejiang Province  in China.

Each leaf is rolled into small round pellets that look rather like leadshot,

hence its name. Pinhead Gunpowder is rolled into even tighter pellets

than other gunpowder teas, indicating a higher level of skill and quality.

We steeped our Pinhead Gunpoweder for 3-4 minutes in our tasting cup.

Our cute tasting cup.

We then poured the tea into the bowl for tasting. It has a lovely amber colour or “liquor” as it is known.

Look at the leaves unfurled in the cup after steeping – the leaves were virtually

exploding in the cup as we steeped.

The contrast before is stark! However the taste is wonderful! Strong, nutty, wood, earth.